Get Involved!

Want to work for the cinema and help screen the films? Want free entry to showings? Then we have something for you. Take 2 Cinema runs with 100% volunteer staff, and we always have room for more. Take 2 Cinema volunteers are dividied into three categories:


Take 2 Cinema has a state of the art digital projector and needs qualified volunteers to operate it at screenings. During a screening the duty projectionist will be in charge of operating the projector and thus ensuring the film is correctly screened. Prior to a showing, the duty projectionist is required to undergo a process known in our trade as ‘making up’, which takes approximately an hour and involves setting up the film for the chosen showing. The duty projectionist also takes on the role of training new projectionists through a pre-prepared course. Training takes 5 weeks (1 session of ~20 minutes a week) and once complete you go through a short (30 minute) ‘Snap test’ to let us know you know what you’re doing! Training as a projectionist is a very fun and rewarding experience, and in addition is a great thing to go on your CV. It also means free entry to films once you qualify, regardless of whether or not you are the designated duty projectionist for those films.

House Managers

Each screening will involve a house manager, who is in charge of setting up the cinema for the evening’s film, and in charge of overseeing the selling of tickets and refreshments to customers. Like projectionists, house managers get free entry to all films once training is complete. However, as being a house-manager requires handling of money, house-managing is strictly an exec-only position.


A less demanding role, suitable if you have a hefty workload or hectic social life, stewards oversee the taking of tickets and assist any customers with any queries they might have. Stewards only get free entry to the films they volunteer on. You do not have to be a qualified projectionist to be a steward.


You don’t necessarily have to choose one category; you can train as both a projectionist and steward if you wish. Once you are registered as a trainee (attend the welcome session held each October or call into the cinema for details), you can sign-up for training via our online sign-up section. This can be accessed via the Website or Facebook. You sign up individually for each film you want to project at; unfortunately due to the popularity of Take 2 Cinema only a limited number of slots are available per showing.

If you are interested in volunteering your services for the cinema, please do not hesitate to contact us, by turning up to an Take 2 Cinema showing where the duty staff will be happy to explain their roles and give you guidance as to how to sign up for training, or you could email the cinema at: or via our Facebook page at:

Note: The amount of films you project/house-manage is monitored, so if the Cinema Exec have reason to believe you are abusing your right to a free entry pass, i.e. by completing the training and then failing to volunteer your services at any films,  they will be rendered void.

Once you have attended our introductory session held each October (or, if you have missed this, call into the cinema on a showing night), you will recieve access to the online sign-up system. Simply highlight the tab ‘Get Involved’ and click ‘Sign Up’ to access the sign-up sheet with the required password. Once you have completed your training and been passed off as a projectionist, you will be able to sign up to project films.


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