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Take 2 Cinema has, in addition to regular projectionists and stewards, a serving executive team comprised of qualified projectionists. Anyone is eligible to be elected, but certain positions (President and Film Booking Officer) require previous experience. Exec staff are expected to attend meetings and adhere to their duties, which are vital to the running of the cinema and take considerably more devotion and dedication than projecting. The list of positions, with descriptions of what their job entails, is as follows:

President (must have been on the exec for a full year to run for this position)

President is in charge of managing the cinema and it’s associates in way of presiding over meetings, organizing events by communicating with the city council and attending meetings with LUSU in regards to finance, media and the wider issues of the University. The president is recommended to attend finance training and is an active LUSU officer with a place in the Union Council. This role requires potentially extensive after hour commitment.


The vice president’s job is to act as support for any other of the exec roles. If someone is busy, or needs help, the vice president can be called to aid in the task. That’s pretty much it. If there is no advert officer elected, then their duties are covered by the vice president

Chief Projectionist (must be a qualified projectionist)

The Chief Projectionist’s job to make sure the projector is working as it should at all times. Furthermore, they are in charge of training and testing trainee projectionists.

Film-Booking Officer

The FBO orders films, trailers and posters, keeping an eye open for when everything arrives. They are also on call to sort out any issues with films & licences.

Assistant Film-Booking Officer

The Assistant FBO assists the FBO in all tasks such as: ordering films, trailers and posters; and keeping an eye open for when everything arrives. They are also on call to sort out any issues with films & KDM’s. They make sure that the digital delivery of adverts from DCM (Digital Cinema Media) to the cinema works by uploading the adverts to the projector through specialist software. Their job is also to report how many people have turned up to a showing to DCM and the Film Distributors

Senior Projectionist 

The role of the senior projectionist is to be a point of contact between the exec and projectionists. Also to make sure that the cinema is staffed on the night of any showing and to help out the chief projectionist.

Chief Steward

The Chief Steward is on call to steward when in need and must make sure that every 3D film has a steward to hand out glasses before the film and collect glasses afterwards.The chief steward is also in charge of refreshments.

Social Secretary

The Social Sec typically include organises our Christmas meal for the exec and any socials run with the trainee projectionists and stewards. These can include Laser Quest socials, Movie drinking game socials and trips to the local Vue cinema


The secretary’s role is the admin and general running of the cinema, taking the minutes for the meetings and checking and organising the emails regularly and highlighting any emails that need responses and also keep the computer files organised. Along with organising the public bookings they also ensure everything is kept in stock such as tickets, printer ink, ect.


The Treasurer is in charge of delivering the money earned from showings every week to the bank located in Lancaster City Center, as well as taking care of any payment claims made by the rest of the exec, i.e. printing costs, petrol etc. This requires around 1-2 hours on each Monday of each term, as well as a little extra time throughout this week for any claims that may arise. The treasurer will be given full financial training by LUSU and the previous treasurer, and assistance from either will always be on hand. This role is highly regarded due to the high level of responsibility needed to handle funds, and subsequently looks great on any CV

Welfare, Health And Safety Officer

The responsibility of the Welfare, Health  & Safety Officer is to ensure the cinema is managed in a safe manner, and to update procedures in accordance with changed circumstances. This mostly means ensuring the current safety procedures are followed, and revising the risk assessment for each all-nighter.

Publicity Officers (x2)

The publicity officers have to sort out all paper publicity for the start of term, all nighters, any other special nights, Freshers’ week and ReFreshers. This can be posters, flyers, schedules and generally just shouting from the rooftops about the cinema. They also handle all the information signs in the actual cinema, make term passes and make the slideshow that customers see when they are waiting for the film. There are 2 positions available

E-Publicity Officer

The E-publicity officer is in charge of keeping the website up to date, advertising on facebook and twitter, informing Purple and Squeak of the upcoming weeks films and handling all requests that come through the Facebook site which can often include bookings.


Nominations occur during the Cinema General meeting about week 7 in Lent term. Posters are displayed over a week and cinema goers are invited to vote for their preferred nominee for each role. All positions can be Re-Open Nominations (RON). Votes will be counted after a full week and the winning applicant will receive an exec position for a full year. The public will be advised via the cinema’s publicity team as to where and when elections will take place.

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