The Exec 2015/16

President: Josh Hughesjoshh

I’m Josh, I have overall responsibility for the cinema and am involved in all aspects, making sure everything runs smoothly and gets done. I like all sorts of films, though I’m not as keen on horror as other genres.




Vice-President: Thea Bibby

Hi, I’m Thea Bibby and I’m the vice president. My main role involves supporting all the other members of the exec and helping them do their job. If ever they aren’t available, I’m the one who is to step in and cover their role. In terms of movies, I’m a big fan of horrors and comedies, but I do pretty much like anything as long as it’s not too gory.




Film Booking Officer: Paul Wileman

Hi! I’m Paul and I basically make sure we have the films that the exec has decided to show, and that they arrive safe and sound. I watch all sorts of films but comedies are the films I enjoy most – even the bad ones. My favourite film is probably Napoleon Dynamite.



Treasurer: Georgia Barkerge

Hi everyone, I’m Georgia the Take 2 treasurer. I wanted to get a position on this exec because I love movies and I like counting money, even if it isn’t mine! As I said, I love movies! Action and Comedy are my favourite genres but I am susceptible to a good romance like any girl! My favourite movie is fast and furious Tokyo drift but at the moment I have a slight obsession with Pitch Perfect and Divergent! I will give pretty much any movie a watch. And I will mostly enjoy them all!



Publicity Officer: Alice Baxteralic

Hi, I’m Alice, one of the Publicity officers. It’s my job to help advertise the cinema and keep everyone up to date with the films being shown and other events. I like all sorts of films but particularly sci-fi, fantasy and Disney.



E-Publicity: Ruth Ogunade

Hi, I’m Ruth, the E-Publicity Officer. I make sure everyone is aware of our weekly showings by keeping our social media sites updated. I also manage this very website. I enjoy a variety movie genres from bollywood to comedy. I love how action movies keep me on the edge of my seat. I enjoy being able to get a lost in a great movie. My favourite films are Coming to America, Grease 2 (not to be confused with the original Grease movie), Jingle all the way, all Harry Potter films and Beyond the lights (the newest edition to my list). I also love a little bit of Nollywood from time to time.



Senior Projectionist: Eleanor Stroud

Hi, I’m Eleanor, and my job is to make sure that someone is available to project each film, so you can come to me if you have any problems. I love sci-fi and fantasy, but I’m really not fussy about what I watch. Anything with a gripping plot and good filming is fine by me.




General Secretary: Lorraine Nzvede

Hi, I’m Lorraine. My role as the Secretary is to keep an eye on the cinema e-mail and office, and to take minutes at the exec meetings. It’s as fun as it sounds.